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Terms And Conditions

Studio Booking

  •    All clients are expected to attend their session on time and be prepared to record, as they will be charged from the start of their booking. To ensure that sessions start on time all clients are advised to arrive 5 minutes early.       
  •   'Profonic Studios' shall not be liable for any unforeseen consequential damages of any kind. Should 'Profonic Studios' be unable to conduct a booked session for any reason, 'Profonic Studios' warrants that it shall re-book such cancelled bookings at another time that is mutuality available for 'Profonic Studios' and the client.

  •    In order to make a booking clientsMUST pay a deposit [half the amount of the desired booking], via an online bank transfer.
  • Once payment has been received and verified only then will the booking be secured. This will be confirmed via SMS text to client's mobile phone.    

  • Online Bank Transfer[contact us via text, phone or email for more details]  

Method Of Payment

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