•   Starting price for 'Vocal Mixing' £40 per hour [includes 1 free revision]   
  • Starting price for 'Stem Mixing' [instrumental/vocal stems]:  £40 per hour [includes 2 free revisions before mastering]     
  • After the free revisions it's £15 per revision.

Additional Mixing Options    

  •   Vocal Synchronization:  £35 per hour   


  •   Digital Mastering: £20 [includes 1 free revision]   
  •   Premium Analogue  Mastering:  £70 [includes 1 free revision]
  • i-Tunes Mastering: additional £25 * [Included in Digital Mastering at no extra cost]
  •  Instrumentals/Radio Edit/PA Mastering: additional £25*or  £10 **

*With Premium Analogue Mastering

**With Digital  Mastering

If you're working within a budget please feel free to request a minimum spend for your project's mix.

'Vocal Mixing/Mastering' turnaround: 8 working days [after payment for mix] if not delivered by day 9 please notify us.     

'Stem Mixing/Mastering' turnaround: 14 working days [after payment for mix] if not delivered by day 15 please notify us.     

  •   Fast Track Turnaround:  3 working days - £15 extra

All data will be deleted after one month from last opening.  


  •   Data Storage option: £10 [per project] per month payable monthly in advance.   
  • Data/Stems files transfer:  individually priced according to amount & complexity [raw audio only]

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At  Profonic Studios we use world-class hardware (some of which has been customised), but we also take pride in only using world class Mixing and Mastering plug-ins and emulations for all of our clients, guaranteeing a  high quality, professional product at affordable and extremely competitive rates. This technique is known as mixing "In The Box" which is an ethos shared by world-renowned Engineer Andrew Scheps(Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hozier)

"...nowadays it doesn't make sense to not mix in the box"

  -Andrew Scheps

We have 100s of licensed plug-ins and emulations of world-class hardware from premium brands including:

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