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David T Menéis a  London-based music producer, sound engineer and founder of Profonic Studios. As a teenager Mené studied Sound Engineering at Lewisham College and soon after graduating Mené began to construct his own recording studio.  

In 2009 Mené graduated with a 2:1 B.A [Hons] degree from the University of East London in ‘Music Theory and Production’. Soon after graduating Mené went on to attend a production course where he was mentored by sound engineer Darryl LaVictoire, who has engineered tracks for acts including Craig David, Mis-Teeq and Blacksmith to name a few.

 As a post-graduate,  Mené worked with singer/songwriter Shola Ama and Jo Perry [writer/manager for girl band, Stooshé] on the track  ‘The One’ . As a consequence Mené went on to produce and write several songs for X Factor finalist and BEFFTA award winner, Shylo [aka Robert Allen]. Working on the project gave  Mené the opportunityto explore/develop his skills as a songwriter.  

Towards the end of 2014, Mené had the opportunity to work with the amazing comical talent, Big Tipper and recorded/ mixed/ produced the vocals for his track  ‘Aunty’  which, after  being on Soundcloud for only a month, had already clocked over 400,000 plays and was played on rotation on BBC Radio 1 and Reprezent Radio.  

For the past few years Mené has also been recording and producing vocals for the underground "Afro Hop" sensation, STP, and has produced and mixed their last two mixtapes, ‘STP Mixtape Volume Two’ and the recently released, ‘Summer Time Passion’. The demand for ’Summer Time Passion’ was so great that on the day of release GRM Daily’s website crashed and as it stands ‘Summer Time Passion’ is the most downloaded mixtape in GRM Daily’s history. The latest mixtape gave Mené the opportunity to work with acts like,  Adz  & Shallow as well as MOBO winner,  Stormzy,  who was the ‘BBC Sound Of 2015’.   

Since opening Profonic StudiosMené has had the opportunity to work with recording artists from all around the world including Nepal, Portugal, Albania, Romania, Italy, France and  the USA  proving Mené’s capacity to style his skill set to an international clientele...

“I don’t necessarily need to understand what my international clients are rapping or singing ….to me music is music…it’s an expression that transcends language…

                                                                                                       David T Mené

As well as writing/producing/mixing songs for himself and other recording artists, spanning many genres, Mené has also honed his skills in other recording disciplines. From recording/mixing vocal-overs for well-known companies, to working alongside several London based theatre production companies and undertaking projects for international promotional companies, Mené has managed to create a varied and diverse  engineering/recording skill set, which he feels can only contribute to his approach as a music producer/sound engineer.

Although Mené, has firm roots in writing and producing RnB and Hip-hop he has expanded his repertoire and has now begun to produce and write Deep House. A recent project ‘What Was Written’ featuring vocals from RnB singer, Leeanneah Lauren gained a lot of support from various DJs on the "underground" circuit and shortly after its release Mené was approached to do remixes for various acts including  the 'International musical collaborative', Bass Adjustment and with plenty more musical projects in the pipeline Mené continues to create a name for himself in the world of music. 

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Mené [Producer/Sound Engineer/Songwriter]