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Artist Development/ Creative Input

We at  Profonic Studios  take pride in being transparent with our clients about the service they should expect to receive as well as, what they get for their money.

Our studio rates cover the hiring of the studio space and a Recording Engineer to assist with all technical aspects of the studio session.

If requested, we can assist clients with “Creative Input” (otherwise known as Artist Development), from customising their instrumentals, to Song Arrangement  and even Vocal Production. As these creative services are not strictly speaking Audio Engineering, we do NOT necessarily include this service within our studio rate(s). This is due to a number reasons. One of which is to reward our regular clients who are loyal customers. As we believe that it’s good business practise for our clients to be successful and happy with their recordings/songs.

After many years of working in the music industry we have recognised that many recording artists, established and aspiring, are looking for Creative Input and assistance in bringing their artistic vision to life in its full potential. If we were to charge for such input, our studio rates would be significantly more expensive. So from our clients point of view, they get  “Creative input” (Artist Development) for NO EXTRA COST.
Another reason, is to optimise time and give our clients more value for money in regards to the mixing and mastering process. As us giving our clients Creative input, inevitably means their recordings will have a rough mix. This rough mix (aka Same Day mix), is carried out during the recording session and is then emailed to client once the session has finished. This then means once a client’s project is booked in to be Mixed and Mastered at Profonic Studios, a lot of the “heavy lifting” has already been done in the recording session(s), so our engineer can then focus on polishing the project with more precision within the given time frame.

If by any chance, a client chooses to have their project Mixed/Mastered somewhere else after having a “Same Day” mix carried out by us, we can send the RAW audio stems at any sample/bit rate requested via Obviously we CANNOT send data/ audio files of our vocal production/creative input, as this would be counterintuitive for our business model.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via